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Sarah Husbands

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“They are true professionals and offered me what I consider to be the best customer experience I have ever received.”

“Being a young female living more than 700 miles from home I was terrified when my 2005 Toyota Corolla began having transmission issues. I took my vehicle to a local transmission shop where the diagnosis was grim. The shop manager (using what sounded to be a foreign language with all of the automobile terminology) told me that there were internal issues in the transmission and that no exact price for the repair could be given until it was taken apart. He estimated that the repair would cost between $2,000 and $5,000 and that the vehicle may not be worth the fix! That’s when I called Joe and Terri at Good Old Fashioned Auto Repair for a second opinion. Joe picked up my vehicle the next day and returned it within 3 hours. When I saw that he had returned so quickly I knew that the prognosis was not going to be good. I pulled out my checkbook and held on for dear life while Joe began explaining the problem. He smiled when he told me that there was actually no problem with the transmission at all. He said within 10 minutes his technician had identified a simple computer error which had been recalled by Toyota over a year prior. I was advised by Joe to simply call the local Toyota dealer who would repair the error at no cost. Just 24 hours later the dealer had me in and back out with the issue resolved at no cost to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for Joe and Terri. They are true professionals and offered me what I consider to be the best customer service experience that I have ever received. At no time will I ever have anyone else address any issues I have with my vehicle. I am eternally grateful to Joe and Terri for all that they do.

P.S. – My little Corolla, now with 140,000+ miles, is still running strong today and has not had a single issue since.”

Sarah has been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2011.


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