Prologue: Working for the Skip Barber Racing School was a constant learning experience: both from a personal driving standpoint as well as a teaching-to-others standpoint. “What not to do” was sometimes more important than “What to do” and was a constantly evolving experience.

As I embark on pursuing another motocross championship in 2019 (the last time was 2006), I remind myself as I’m training of each and every one of these “things learned”. While you may not be in training for a race, the same skills employed here can be applied to daily driving to make you a safer and more confident “street driver”.


It's that time of year again that comes in September. What time? Well, for us it's time to wind down the end of our 2019 Motocross Championship. And for our kids, time to go back to school. All the kids do it and drivers should as well.

Here's a recap of the lessons over the past few months to practice.

PART I: "Slow Down To Go Faster!"

PART II: "Be Smoove!"

PART III: "If You Look Where You Want To Go-The Hands And Car Will Follow!"

PART IV: "Loose Is Goose! The Skid Pad!"

PART V: "The Great Escape-Accident Avoidance Techniques!"

How'd you do?

If you're like me, you've spent the summer trying to focus on just one lesson at a time until it became second nature. And then focus on the next one. And the next one until they're all working together. That's kind of how it feels by the time you get to the closing races of a championship:

everything's hitting on all cylinders!

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