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Andy Silver

“Having a guardian angel meant call Joe and Terri at GO-FAR!”

“I had filled up my car the night before in preparation for a 60 mile round trip to Salisbury. Upon my arrival in the morning, I happened to look at my gas mileage. What a shock and feeling of helplessness. It was empty! My 9 year old Camry had run perfectly all these years. What could have happened? Having a guardian angel for my car, I was a new customer, meant “call and get some help”.

Joe performed a thorough in-shop inspection and found everything to be operating normally. He deduced that someone must have syphoned out my gas even though I had parked my car in the same spot for 3 years with nary a problem. With Joe and Terri’s personalized attention for other repair issues, they offer an invaluable service!

Andy has been part of our GO-FAR family since 2012.


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