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Barry Nathanson

“I trust Joe when he comes to pick up my car for any service. Literally, no one has ever driven it except for my wife and I. That's Trust!"

"I have lived in North Carolina just shy of three years and am so glad to have found Joe and Terri. I own a rare 100th anniversary Challenger, less than 2600 made, and literally no one has driven it except myself and my wife. Upon moving to Huntersville, I needed service and brought it to a local well known chain for a simple part replacement. Needless to say, it was not a good experience; I came to find out they took my car for a "joy ride"!! I trust Joe and the GO-FAR family explicitly and never have a worry when Joe comes to pick up my car for any service I need. Saying they are reliable, trustworthy and professional does not even begin to express the peace of mind I have trusting them with the care of one of my prize possessions.
Thank you GO-FAR!

Barry has been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2017.

Barry added to his testimonial for an incident that happened in August 2019 and posted this on Yelp!

"I had Joe take my car for a simple maintenance item. Upon return he commented that everything was fine but based on the sounds he heard (I never noticed) while driving it he felt there was a major drive train issue in the making.

Long story short I had the dealer review and it was exactly what Joe suspected. A $3400.00 job repaired under warranty. If Joe did not notice it I would have gone past my warranty. Outstanding!!!"


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