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“Joe is always so prompt and returns the car in a timely manner.”

“We have lived in Cornelius since 1989 and taken our Volvo S80 which is 12 years old now to area shops.  As we are retired and this is our only car now, we are really dependent on our car to be reliable.  We bought this vehicle new in January 2004 and have had all necessary preventative maintenance done as well as have recorded in a book kept in the car every gallon of gas that has been used along with every repair, oil change and tires purchased.

A friend referenced us to Joe Carbon with Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair and we have used him ever since.  The main requirements for an auto mechanic are competence and honesty coupled with the willingness to spend the time necessary to accurately diagnose problems.  We have been very pleased with Joe as he has shown a high level of knowledge and integrity.  As our car is now a high mileage vehicle, 229,000 miles, we need someone who understands how to service an older vehicle and keep it running like the well engineered vehicle a Volvo is.  Joe certainly fits this niche.  When problems do occur, he diagnoses them accurately and solves the problem efficiently & effectively while respecting the limits of our budget.  Joe keeps us appraised of potential problems that might occur and tells us when he needs to make a repair or that we can wait for a while.

One of the things that is very different about GOFAR is their service of picking up your vehicle to do the work including a preventive maintenance inspection and then returning your vehicle to your house.

Pick-up and delivery, what a fantastic concept!  This is so convenient and it is such a pleasure not to have to wait in a repair shop for service.  Joe is always so prompt and returns the car in a timely manner.

Bill and Susan have been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2016.


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