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Brian Tarle


“People are actually saving time and money by working with Joe and Terri!”

“Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair has not only maintained my automobile over the past 7 years, but also my two daughters cars (which would have been totally neglected if not for Joe). We all want our kids to be safe, and Joe has kept their cars well maintained.

Joe runs an excellent service that is convenient, reasonably priced, and hassle free. I think sometimes there is a perception that their personal level of service is too expensive. But, in actuality people are saving time and money by working with Joe and Terri.

I love that I don’t have to worry about the car; how to get it there, what to do while I am waiting for the car, having to come back because we were waiting for a part to come in, the convenience factor. Their free pickup and delivery service takes care of that. If you put it into perspective, there is value to that.

The price always seems to be fair to me, and that’s why I use them. Joe once asked me what we could do to improve their service. My reply? For every 5 services, you should get a free trip to Cancun!” (LOL!)

Brian has been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2008.


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