Winter will soon be upon us and we will find ourselves driving on our favorite substances: Snow and Ice.   NOT! Over the winter months, we will address various aspects of driving that relate back to dealing with the “yucky stuff”. Tires:  Regardless   of the conditions, there is always one constant-that small patch between your vehicle and ... “SLIP SLIDING AWAY”-A MULTI-PART SERIES ON FOUL WEATHER DRIVING
  Living in Lake Norman, we’ve all seen it, be it Interstate 85 or 77. We’re in rush hour traffic and the rubber necking begins. Everyone speeds up and then suddenly someone stops and the “accordion effect” results in a multiple pileup of cars in a row. Here are some tips on how “not to ... “TUNNEL VISION IN TRAFFIC”
Before the movies “Cannonball Run-I, II, Etc., Vanishing Point” and any other driving movies that featured a cross country race, there was the original and my favorite “The Gumball Rally”. Perhaps my favorite quote from that movie was from Franco, the Italian Formula One Ace, as he sat in a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Convertible in ... “WHATSA BEHIND US IS OFA IMPORTANCE”
Terri had an incident a few years ago that involved "The Rain Line". Here is a summation in her own words: "I had a past very scary driving experience. Driving in Charlotte on a light rainy morning, I had to exit around one of the interstate jughandles. I was going around 25mph but while doing so, ... “The Rain Line”

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