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Darren Ledford

“My manufacturer warranty had just run out the month before. After performing diagnostics and industry research, Joe narrowed it down to a common problem that would cost approximately $2,800. He also found a recall on this problem and took it to a dealership for the repairs that cost me -$000!”

I was returning on a road trip from Michigan and I had just reached Exit 36 on Interstate 77 when my car started running really rough, like it was out of gas. I made it to Exit 30 and filled up the tank but that did not seem to solve the problem. Although I was scared to drive it, I was able to make the last few miles home. Of course, my warranty had just run out the month before.

The next morning I called Joe at Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair. He suggested that I have AAA tow the car to a shop since I had free towing coverage. Within a couple of hours, Joe called me with an update on the problem. After performing on-board diagnostics and doing some industry research, he had narrowed it down to a common problem that would require replacing all of the spark plugs, related ignition coils, and on-board computer, to the tune of approximately $2800. But get this: he also found out that all of this was covered by manufacturer’s warranty due to a recall on this problem. He took my car to a dealership contact he had and arranged for the repairs. Other than $75 for diagnostic and research, this repair cost me $0.

Would that have happened with your repair service?

Thanks Joe!

Darren has been part of our GO-FAR family since 2012.


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