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Isaac Gately

“I found a used car on line from a broker. I called GO-FAR to check it out and boy was I glad I did!”

As a parent of a special needs child and working in the financial services industry, I have focused a large part of my service to help other families plan for the future of that child, should they become unable. Plan for every contingency.

So when it came to buying a used car I had found online from a broker, I called GO-FAR to check it out. And boy; was I glad I did.

While the sales price was a bit on the high side initially, negotiations could have brought it down to a fair price. That was until Joe got done with his evaluation. He discovered a costly coolant leak that was fairly common as well as a reliability history which was not very good for that particular engine. He also uncovered brake issues that were not apparent unless you knew to drive and brake a certain way to make it happen. All in all, those repairs would easily exceed $1,000, had I purchased the car. I have always been taught to seek wisdom. On the subject of cars, Joe is wise!

Isaac has been part of our GO-FAR family since 2012.


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