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"GO-FAR is more then a slogan; it's fairness, integrity, quality, and it's personal."

"Joe & Terri Carbon of Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair take service back to a time when personal service was paramount. GOFAR is more than a slogan; it's fairness, integrity, quality, and it's personal. They even include pick up and delivery. What more could you ask for? We've used Joe's services several times and he has always fulfilled these commitments. We highly recommend Joe & Terri; you won't be disappointed."

Jack and Vickie have been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2011.

Since the original testimonial above was done, the Mercedes was sold and then replaced with a 2006 Sebring Convertible. This car generated a "second testimonial".

GOFAR Auto Repair has been taking care of our cars for six or so years. So, when I came to Joe with yet another expensive issue with our 2006 Sebring convertible, he sensed my frustration with the car.  He said the car has been spending more time in HIS garage than MINE, and he didn’t think I should put that much more money into it.  I’m thinking, “ what service doesn’t want to take more money without question?”  Joe said  the car was costing me more on a continuing basis and he could see more coming.  I should think about selling the car (though I really liked the car) and think about getting something you might like better.  And, that would spend more time in MY garage.

So, Vickie and I talked about our options and started looking.

When Vickie and I found something that met with Joe’s approval (Joe’s disclaimer inserted here:  the parameters given to me by the Stevens’ were “must be an affordable convertible” leaves very few choices that have a reliable track record-namely Toyota Solara), he took the time to drive to Concord and check out the prospect and suggest a fair price.

   And Vickie had a convertible that she liked better.

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Done deal, Joe.  Many thanks!


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