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Jennifer Kessler

“I’m so happy to say I have found my mechanic for life…”


“I cannot say enough good things about Joe and Terri Carbon with GOFAR. They truly treat you like family and always look out for your best interest in going out of their way in providing the BEST service possible.

I was heading on a trip, 4 hours away from home, when my check engine light came on. Immediately I called Joe and he suggested I drive my car to a Volvo dealership, which luckily was only 8 miles away. He stayed on the phone with me the whole way until I got to my destination. After an hour and half waiting for Volvo’s service tech to diagnose the problem, they came to the conclusion my spark plug was broken and that I needed a new cylinder head. This was going to take a few days to get and quoted me $7,000. Joe continued to be involved throughout this whole process in speaking with their tech, his tech and keeping me informed all along the way. Because Joe didn’t agree with what Volvo’s tech was telling him, he put a game plan together for me to continue with my trip, by renting a car, coming to retrieve my car and take it back to his shop to inspect.

Once the car was back in good hands with GOFAR, the problem was solved and the car was back up and running with no problems to this day. Their time spent and the warranty that GOFAR covers with their service is beyond priceless. Instead of a $7,000 invoice from Volvo, it was under $1,000 with GOFAR. I cannot thank them enough for helping me in a very stressful situation and what could have been a very costly experience. They stand behind their work and word, which is very hard to come by these days. Thank you, Joe and Terri! You truly care about your customers and I’m grateful to call you friends.”


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“In moving to a new city, one always has to re-establish relationships with services such as dentists, doctors, gyms, hair dressers AND the dreaded auto care.  This one stressed me out a little in trying to find where to take my car for servicing.  A place that wasn’t going to take advantage of me and do unnecessary repairs to my 2007 foreign car.

After being here several months, I started going to networking events and meeting people in different industries.  Low and behold, this is where I came face to face with my stress and met Joe Carbon to service my SAAB.  He assured me he would take good care of my car and even come and pick it up at no additional charge.  I figured there was some catch to this and I would wait to get my invoice and look it over.  So I was a little skeptical to say the least, until my car came back in one piece, at the time promised and with reasonable pricing once I saw the invoice.  Just to double check and make sure, I had my mechanic at the dealership  back home look over my invoice and give me his opinion.  To which the end results were, it was a fair quote.   After hearing that, I breathed a sigh of relief that I could continue to use Joe and  Terri as I really liked them and the service they provide.  They have gone above and beyond just servicing my car.

Over the past 3 1/2 years that I’ve lived here, Joe was always gracious enough to help find noises I would hear when I drove my car and would fix them.  One irritant were my brakes.  Six months after installing new brakes, a noise issue developed from the brake pads that couldn’t be resolved. Joe installed a new set of brakes at no cost to me.

They came to my home when my battery died to jump start it and ended up replacing it, also at no cost, as it was still under warranty.  And answering emergency phone calls, at least what I considered emergency,  on weekends when I had a question about my car acting up or what type of fluids I might need when I ran out.

Not only do Joe and Terri provide great service, they are all around great people and friends.  They introduced me to my first ever BMX bicycle track down in Charlotte, which was a blast.  They came out and supported me in the “My Aloha Stand up for Autism” paddle board race.  They also refer people to me who will be good contacts for my career in working at Guild Mortgage as a loan officer.  Overall, so happy to say I have found my mechanic for life

Jennifer has been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2015.


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