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Kare Romanski and Sharon Sinatra

“I answered a Craigslist ad stating “this vehicle comes with my mechanic!”  I bought the vehicle because it had a well documented service history by Joe and Terri Carbon. They became my mechanics. In 2016, I purchased another van maintained by Joe and Terri because “this vehicle comes with my mechanic.”

“While shopping for a used minivan, I saw an intriguing ad on Craigslist stating, “This vehicle comes with my mechanic.” After living in Charlotte for 14 years, I still had not found a reliable and trustworthy mechanic so I thought even if I didn’t like the vehicle maybe I finally could get a lead on a good mechanic. I bought the vehicle because it had such an excellent documented service record. I was introduced to Joe and Terri Carbon, owners of Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair. I was so impressed with the level of services they provided, which included pick-up and delivery. Now we have all three of our vehicles serviced at Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair.

Kare & Sharon have been part of our GO-FAR family since 2012.

Fast forward to 2016. Due to previous health issues that have caused increasing pain and a car accident in 2015 that added insult to injury, my ability to get in and out of a standard type vehicle was becoming more and more difficult. Being an avid reader of Joe and Terri’s newsletter, I stumbled on the article “From One Angel To Another” referring to the passing of longtime customer and friend, Chris Rodgers, who had owned a handicapped ramp minivan that Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair had serviced for years. I contacted them to see if the family was planning on selling the van and Joe put me in touch with them. I am happy to say I am now the proud owner of another vehicle that “comes with my mechanic”. The fact that Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair had maintained this vehicle and came from another longtime GOFAR family member was the “dealmaker”.


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