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Ken & Vickie Morris

Ken and Vickie Morris

"Amazingly, they solved a problem that was quite simple, inexpensive and overlooked by previous shops."

My Jeep Grand Cherokee had been to a dealership and two repair shops to resolve an intermittent stalling when coming to a stop. After spending hundreds of dollars and still experiencing the same problem (multiple throttle body cleanings, spark plugs, and a few other possible remedies), I called Joe & Terri Carbon at Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair. Oh, did I mention that I live in Denver? They came and picked it up and performed a preventative maintenance inspection and on-board diagnostics. Unable to duplicate the intermittent problem, they researched some common problems found on my vehicle’s model in their database. Amazingly, the problem was quite simple and inexpensive and overlooked by previous shops. My Jeep requires the transmission fluid to be checked while in neutral, not in park, as many vehicles are. As a result, it was actually 2 quarts low so as I would approach a stop, the transmission was acting like a manual transmission would; if I came to a stop without depressing the clutch which would cause it to stall. After repeated testing, they returned it the next day and said they would follow up once a week for the next few weeks to make sure the problem was resolved. What I am so impressed with is that they did all of that for less ($147) than what others had charged, resolved the problem, and followed up with me twice! The folks at Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair will get my recommendation always!

Ken & Vickie have been part of our GO-FAR family since 2013.


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