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Lisa Muse


“Joe didn’t just fix a car; he gave me a piece of my husband Tom back!”

Life can throw you a curveball when you least expect it. A routine doctor visit turns into a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation don’t work, so a clinical trial for a new drug therapy and prayers are the only things left. 85 days after that doctor visit, my husband Tom was gone. My whole life turned upside down. My dream life in my dream house with my dream love was shattered. I found myself at a loss as to how to move forward without Tom.

I quit my corporate job and searched for a new purpose for my life. I began volunteering at the Levine and Dickson Hospice House where Tom had spent the last week of his life. I began my healing journey. I realized I had to get my affairs in order. I sold Tom’s motorcycle, his pickup truck and my old jeep. But the one tangible thing I could not sell was Tom’s ‘87 red Corvette. He loved that car. It was a reminder for me of happy long drives and conversations; of happy road trips to the beach and mountains. I could not begin to take care of that car the way he did, much less drive it! I was at a heartbreaking loss. I would have to sell the one last tangible thing of Tom.

Then, a divine intervention occurred. A friend introduced me to Joe. He trusted Joe and assured me I could too. I was hesitant, scared and unsure. The 3 of us met and I handed Joe the keys to Tom’s car. After the initial work he did on the car, he brought the car back to me, smiled and said it was ready to go!

I looked at him and with tears in my eyes, told him “I can’t drive it”. It was Tom that always drove it.

I was actually afraid to drive it! Joe gave me a hug and told me he would teach me how to handle the car and make Tom proud! That’s going on 4 years ago. Thanks to Joe’s continuous and diligent maintenance and care, the Corvette is in unbelievably good shape. I love driving the car around town and even took it on a road trip to the mountains this past summer. Joe gave me something for which I will always be grateful. He didn’t just fix a car; he gave me a piece of Tom back that I can enjoy and have fun with. Joe also maintains and cares for my Sequoia truck which I need to get me through my next journey. I am in nursing school to become a Hospice nurse. I am up and down the highway every day for class and hospital work and I know that Tom is looking down on me, guiding my way.

Thanks to Joe, I am enjoying the ride!

Lisa has been part of our GO-FAR Family since 2010.


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