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Randall Fullerton and Sandy Warren

“It isn’t about the money to Joe; it’s the relationship. Joe corrected a $2,000.00 engine noise issue repair quoted by another shop by simply changing the oil. Problem solved!”

“When thinking of Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair and Joe, I think of trust and peace of mind. Joe has been taking care of our autos for a couple years now, and we couldn’t be happier with the level of service, professionalism and value. As small business owners, my wife Sandy and I travel daily to and from client sites and projects, not to mention the frequent visits to family, friends and fly fishing trips to far away NC locales. Having a dependable auto is paramount. There is nothing more reassuring than KNOWING our cars can, and will deliver us safely to our destinations, and we have Joe and his team to thank. It isn’t about the money to Joe; it’s the relationship, and on one occasion he advised us not to spend money on servicing a previous car, suggested that we should consider a new car, which we eventually did, and are very glad we did so. It is comforting to know that we have worked out a lifecycle plan for our autos, based on our needs, driving habits and finances. Barring an unforeseen accident, etc., we know what we are in for, when to get our cars serviced, how much it will cost. Try getting that at another location. Not going to happen. I know because we were going to another shop who only responded, and poorly at that, to issues after they happened, not before as is the case with Joe. In fact, Joe corrected an engine noise issue, that was quoted by another shop as a $2,000 repair, by simply changing the type of oil, then actually adding the required amount of oil, 5 qts. vs. the 4 qts. the previous shop was doing and problem solved. This is just one example of the level of service we have received, and I know that you will receive when you put your trust in Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair like we do. We cannot recommend him enough.”

Randall & Sandy have been part of our GO-FAR family since 2010.


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