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Ray Helms


“Bumblebeast is a project for me. Joe took the time to understand what the "end game" is in my mind!”

Most people tend to run away when they see a bee, but when I saw this 1984 Ford Bronco painted black and yellow like a bumblebee on Craigslist a few months ago, I stole my wife’s truck and ran straight to Newton to check it out.

I’d been searching for an older model Bronco to tinker around with, and after having Joe work on my previous car (a Mercedes Benz SL 500 — yeah, don’t ask), I knew he was just the guy to have in my corner for the work that would most certainly be needed on the “Bumblebeast.”

Although it was in pretty good shape for a 30-year-old truck, Joe gave it a thorough screening for any immediate safety or material issues that needed to be addressed. Right off the bat, he provided the exhaust, brake and body work I requested, as well as rebuilt the carburetor, changed the oil and tuned it up.

Joe knows the Bumblebeast is a project for me, and he took the time to get a good sense of where I wanted to go with it, to find out what the “end game” is that I have in mind. My only fear is that he’ll conspire with my wife and refuse to lower the Bumblebeast’s 5-inch lift (she’s threatened to take my Man Card if I do).

In addition to Joe’s extensive knowledge and willingness to work within my budget and goals, his pick-up and delivery service is second to none. It’s an incredible convenience; I’ve used it twice now. You know it’s the day your Bumblebeast is coming home when you wake up in the morning and Joe’s older model Honda is parked in front of your house waiting for him.

Thanks, Joe, for the excellent service and personal attention. Whether you want it or not, the Bumblebeast and I will be customers for a long time to come.

Ray has been part of our GO-FAR family since 2013.


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