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Savory Moments Gourmet Catering, Heather Scovel, Hudson and Jodi Wright

“ What a great job Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair consistently does to keep our two vans maintained and running!”

What a great job Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair consistently does for us. Delivery is a key part of our business and they keep our two vans running and maintained without us having to think about scheduling maintenance or going through the hassle of getting quotes for work to be done and just taking time away from our business to get oil changes or service work completed. GO-FAR pleasantly calls, schedules a pickup that works with our delivery schedule, completes the maintenance, and delivers the vans back in time for the next run of deliveries. This gives us great peace of mind knowing that we are in safe vehicles that will run for a very long time.

Not only has GO-FAR done a great job for our business but for us personally as well. My son is a new driver and Joe looked over the “new to my son” car and made sure it was in good working order. About a month later, he had a little accident with a curb. He had a blown tire and the underside of the car was hanging….a call to GO-FAR and he was safely back in the drivers seat with lessons learned. We have gladly passed your name on to all of our family, co-workers, and friends. Many of them are currently on your client list and extremely happy to have found you.”

Heather Scovel – Co-Owner of Savory Moments

“This is an example of GO-FAR’s “unwritten automotive warranty” program. Would this have happened somewhere else?”

Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair has been taking care of our family’s cars for several years with continued maintenance for our older cars. Recently though, our Guardian Angels were looking out for us while servicing my Toyota Avalon. Following a standard maintenance service, Joe discovered a noise following a cold start in the morning as he prepared to deliver the car back to me. Concerned, he took the car back in the shop to diagnose deeper and found the noise coming from somewhere in the timing belt area. Although the timing belt and related parts had been replaced well over a year and a half earlier and were far beyond the parts warranty, Joe found and replaced all those related parts at no cost to us and absorbed 50% of the labor as well; simply because in his opinion, those parts should not have failed. This is an example of GO-FAR’s “unwritten automotive warranty” program. Would this have happened somewhere else? The car was returned safe and sound, and quiet! Thanks Joe!

Jodi Wright – Co-Owner of Savory Moments and Mom of two Teenagers


“GO-FAR came to our rescue. What could have cost me close to $1000.00 was still under warranty and no charge at all!”

When thinking of car maintenance I seriously CRINGE….I know nothing about it, and I really have no interest in knowing a whole lot about it. When I heard about Joe and Terri’s business I was so excited.  I knew they were fantastic people and knew I could trust them, which is exactly what I needed.  My son is a new driver with a 2004 model car. We had GO-FAR service the car, new tires, etc., getting it in good driving condition.  My son came out one morning and said “Mom, my car has been acting weird for weeks and now it will not start”. He was telling me this with the car dead in the driveway and both of us needing to be on our way to work in different directions. GO-FAR came to our rescue…they came and picked up the car for repair and found that the starter was the problem.  Surprisingly, they also found out the starter was still under warranty and what could have cost me close to $1000.00 was no charge at all.  This is an invaluable service and I highly recommend GO-FAR to everyone I know.  THANK YOU, Joe and Terri for your wonderful service!

Heather & Jodi have been part of our GO-FAR family since 2012.


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