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“Most shops go straight for the homerun so they can eliminate returns and create larger profits. Joe attacked the job one part at a time to keep the cost of repairs down!”

Prior to relocating from Florida to North Carolina, we were fortunate enough to have a shop that we could take our cars to with the comfort of knowing it was going to be repaired correctly and only the work that was truly needed was going to be done. So when our BMW started running rough, we proceeded with our usual trip to the dealership. However, the dealership was running a couple of weeks behind due to a large recall. We couldn’t wait that long so we decided to try another specialty shop. It didn’t take long for us to decide that was not the place for us. In my recent involvement with the Lake Norman Chamber, I met Joe and Terri of Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair (GO-FAR). On the drive home, I remembered them, pulled out their business card and scheduled our first appointment.

Since they provide free pick-up and delivery, Joe came to the house to pick up our car. What a great perk! After doing some diagnostic testing it wasn’t clear what the actual problem was. In his attempt to repair the problem and keep the cost of repairs down, Joe used his experience to attack the job one part at a time. I have not experienced this approach since Florida. Most shops want to go straight for the homerun so that they eliminate returns and create larger profits. I’m glad that GOFAR’s approach is more customer-oriented than that. During the repair we did experience some defective parts and without hesitation, Joe and Terri took care of replacing not only the parts, but some of the labor charges. Our BMW is now back on the road running and we have since had our other vehicle serviced by GO-FAR.

What a pleasure it is to find someone who will shoot straight on repairs, repair only what is needed and who will keep up with your cars service records.

Thanks Joe, Terri and Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair.

Scott & Cheryl have been part of our GO-FAR family since 2013.


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