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“Even though I had moved to Rhode Island and no longer a paying customer, Joe gave me honest, sound advice in a helpful, courteous and professional manner. It was all part of being part of “the GO-FAR family!”

My wife and I relocated from the northeast to Huntersville in August 2007. While it brought excitement and anticipation, it also brought anxiety knowing I would be leaving my trusted mechanic of 6 years.

I met Joe at a Lake Norman Chamber luncheon. Following the 30 second “elevator speeches” from the group, I left excited having heard GO-FAR’s.

“Just what I have been looking for” I thought to myself. Joe and I connected following the meeting and GO-FAR became our automotive service: June 2011.

While GO-FAR serviced our vehicles just short of 2 years, the honesty, integrity, and straightforward advice has always been “right on” and in our best interest.

Then suddenly, our life plan changed. In April of 2013, we relocated to central Rhode Island where I currently commute 75 miles each day to the Boston area. My 2001 Nissan Sentra is now bucking almost 180,000 miles and exhibiting some intermittent and very odd problems that has made me “way uncomfortable”.

My new mechanic had my car for 2 days but could not replicate the problem. I drove the car and also could not replicate the problem. That’s when I decided it was time to call my old friend Joe.

I was ecstatic when I was able to get a hold of him on my first call. As always, Joe was willing to make time to listen to the problem, ask me the right questions, and dissect the issue as only he can. His simple suggestion: “Start with a transmission flush with a good synthetic transmission fluid and see what happens. It’s the most logical and least expensive place to start. Try this and see what happens before you make any other decisions.” Panicking I said, “Should I just call it a day and get a new car?” He replied, “If you get a new car, you will begin wearing it out immediately based on your daily mileage and at a much higher cost. Why not just get the most out of this one while you can.”

True to what Joe told me the first day I met him: He gave me honest, sound advice in a helpful, courteous and professional manner. It did not matter that I was out of state and no longer a paying customer. It was all part of being part of “The GO-FAR Family”! I am both honored and willing to have a chance to give a little something back to the guy who has always been there for me!

Steve was part of our GO-FAR family from 2011 to 2013.



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